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Do you Know About the Best New Home Rebates in Colorado Springs?

Do you Know About the Best New Home Rebates in Colorado Springs?

Have you ever heard of new home rebates? Let us give you a heads up about home shopping in Colorado Springs. The best option for a Realtor promising new home rebates may surprise you. Does a 50% rebate sound pretty good. Buyers need representation. Builders often do not offer discounts or incentives to unrepresented homebuyers.

Home prices keep rising, and interest rates are going up, too. In fact, a recent study reveals Colorado Springs home appreciation sits at record highs. Depending on your circumstances and new home budget, a 50% buyers rebate could be very substantial. Imagine how you could use some extra cash when moving into a new place.

What is Driving Home Prices Up?

Why are pricing rising? People are relocating to homes in Colorado Springs at an amazing rate. Several factors add into the popularity of this Best Big City. Companies, businesses, contractors, and the military bases are growing and adding employees. So military families are here and others are returning. People are retiring here.
Is the End of Price Hikes in Sight?

So many people are moving here that a Denver Post article headlined, “The Home Front: Colorado Springs will overtake Denver as the state’s largest city by 2050.” The State of Colorado is forecasting 3 million new residents in the next few decades. Predictions include a strong impact in Colorado Springs, especially in the next ten years. Growth may slow when boomers move on.

Housing Shortage

So, the problem for Colorado Springs is simple. Builders cannot keep up with the demand. There are simply not enough homes on the market. We have only about 3000 single family homes for sale in the area right now. This home shortage creates bidding wars and higher prices. If the economy slows down, homes could get easily overvalued.

It’s time to save. The thousands of dollars buyers receive by going with a Colorado Springs real estate agent who offers a substantial buyer’s rebate. Buyers do benefit from new home rebates.

New Home Rebates

Now, down to brass tacks. Very few real estate companies leave you with extra funds after closing. Courlas Realty does. We assure a full 50% Buyers Agent Rebate. Just imagine what you could do with a few thousand dollars. Buy furniture or pay down your loan or save it for a rainy day.

For detailed information about how the new home rebates benefit buyers, contact Courlas Realty at (719) 470-0178. Offering exceptional service, Courlas Realty goes the extra mile to find the perfect Colorado Springs home for you.

Published July 19, 2018

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