Courlas Realty Home Rebate Program

How Our Rebate Program Works

How does our Home Rebate program benefit you?

Normally, the Seller pays the Buyer’s agent a commission. The commission typically totals 3% of the home’s purchase price. This commission is rarely discussed with the Buyer.

For example, the Buyer’s real estate agent would receive a commission of $9000 on a home purchased for $300,000 (0.03 x $300,000 = $9,000). Generally, the Buyer’s agent keeps the full commission, usually sharing it with their agency. The commission is almost never used to help the Buyer with their purchase.

At Courlas Realty, we assist our Buyers through our Rebate program. We send 50% of the commission back to our clients. These welcome funds help them relocate to their new Colorado Springs properties. Courlas Realty has paid out over $1,000,000. in Rebates and Discounts!

How Much Will Your Rebate Be

Our Rebate program is straightforward. If you choose Courlas Realty as your real estate company, you would receive a $4,500 rebate on that same $300,000 home. Those extra monies may come in handy for closing costs, upgrades to your new home, moving expenses, Etc.

If you use another real estate firm, you will typically receive nothing back. Once again, if you are using anyone else, you could be losing thousands of dollars! You wouldn’t pay double for anything else. Why pay double for real estate services? Don’t accept the token gift basket…Take the cash instead!

*Based on 3% buyer agent commission. Buyer will receive 50% of total commission earned by agent up to 1.5% at time of closing. All rebates must be disclosed to lender. In all cases, you may choose to have the money applied as a credit towards your closing costs, or your pre-paid expenses. A Rebate form will be provided once a contract to buy and sell real estate (residential) is accepted. Your rebate will be shown in the closing settlement sheets and on the closing disclosure (CD). In all cases the rebate will be subject to the lenders final approval.

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