Military Relocation Spurs Houses for Sale in Colorado Springs

The fluidity of military relocation plays a big role in the housing market.  So it is no wonder that home buyers find quite a variety of houses for sale in Colorado Springs.  Military families come and go.  And many return to Colorado Springs for retirement where Pikes Peak overlooks the beautiful city on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.  How can they resist being close to mountain recreation and exceptional cultural activities?

Colorado Springs touts five military bases: Fort Carson, United States Air Force Academy, Peterson and Schriever Air Force Bases, and Cheyenne Mountain.  They are spread around the city.  From Fountain Valley in the south to Black Forest and Monument on the north, buyers find a mix of urban and country homes in Colorado Springs, offering a great selection for those who have served our nation.

Military Installations

South of Colorado Springs, Fort Carson houses the fourth Infantry Division and other military units.  It is served by the Fountain and Fort Carson schools, which offer options for open enrollment.  The Evans Army Community Hospital provides Colorado Springs Military Health System care.  Colorado Springs also features top rated hospitals.  The Fort Carson area also features extensive recreational facilities and programs with plenty of community involvement.

United States Air Force Academy

The U.S. Air Force Academy is on the north side of Colorado Springs.  It is an educational and training facility with a Preparatory School.  The 18,500-acre campus houses numerous facilities.  These include a Cadet Chapel, a National Historic Landmark, and airfield, cadet area, commissary, trails, camp, and more.  Also on campus are the Air Academy High School and Douglass Valley Elementary School, both operated by Colorado Springs Academy 20 District.

Peterson Air Force Base

Peterson Air Force Base lies in east Colorado Springs adjacent to the Colorado Springs Airport.  Several military teams serve there.  The 21st Space Wing, the 302nd Airlift Wing, NORAD, NORTHCOM, and AFSPC.  Colorado Springs District 11 schools serve local children.  Medical facilities include a base clinic, USAFA Hospital, and Evans Army Community Hospital.  Peterson Air Force Base also offers many recreational opportunities.

Schriever Air Force Base

Schriever Air Force Base is located 10 miles east of Peterson and share services with Peterson Air Force Base.  It is home to the 50th Space Wing of the Air Force Space Command, Missile Defense Integration and Operations Center, Space Innovation and Development Center, and Global Positioning System, and a few recreational facilities.  Families are served by schools in the Ellicott District 22.

Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station

Tucked into the mountain southwest of downtown Colorado Springs is the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station (CMAFS).  This military installation is the alternate Command Center for NORAD and NORTHCON.  It is also a training site, Warning Center, and Surveillance Center.  Associated services are provided at Peterson Air Force Base and other installations.

Real Estate Agents – Military Relocation

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