Four Different Types of New Home Builds in Colorado Springs
New home builds in colorado springs

Four Different Types of New Home Builds in Colorado Springs

Everyone’s heard of the new car smell, but have you ever experienced the new home smell? Lets discuss the four four different types of new home builds in Colorado Springs that we can find, and discuss the many similar points of attraction, as well as unique aspects that make each one special in their own way.

Production Homes

Also commonly known as cookie cutter homes. These homes offer families affordable and quality housing across the nation due to the lack of customization they offer. Depending on your situation this may be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on your available funds. Some home buyers like the fact that with less custom, new homes there is are fewer decisions to make and less stress to worry about.

Production Home Build


– Home buyers can save time, effort and money by limiting their available options.
– Production homes are often much more affordable due to the effectiveness in the economies of scale.
– Construction process of a new production home is much faster, and sale process has less hassle to deal with.
– Even though the home is not completely custom there are still a variety of floor plans to choose from.
– Flexibility on choosing from a variety of price points.
– Faster turnaround time then a custom home build.


– Give up control of the design aspect, both aesthetically and in function.
– You also give up control or the input of how the home is constructed.
– There are less options to choose from.

Fully custom homes

If you are looking for more of a “one of a kind” type home, custom build homes are what you are looking for. Often times custom homes are built with a variety of styles as the homebuyer is extremely involved in the design process, tweaking things to make it their perfect dream home. Custom homes in short provide creative freedom, personalization, and customization. As one could guess, this can make the home price increase, and greatly increases the amount of time your home build is going to take. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons that come with a custom home build.

Custom home build

– More control in the location of where the new home is built.
– The buyer is involved in every detail of the home build from the foundation to the light fixtures.
– More unique home, will stand out from other homes.
– The buyer can ensure that the quality and functionality of the new home build meets their desires.
– Custom home builds are usually higher quality then other styles of homes.

– The number of decisions the homebuyer has to make for the house can become overwhelming
– Higher cost for a fully custom home.
– Much longer build time, usually around 12 to 16 months, depending on the size of the home.

Semi-custom homes

A semi-custom home is when you get provided a floorplan that you can choose to customize on certain aspects of a home to make it more one of a kind, but not as labor intensive as a fully custom home. Semi-custom homes come with the overall floor plan and designs are already finished, builders are able to start construction much sooner allowing one to move in sooner than one might think.   Not to be mistaken as a cookie cutter home, semi-custom homes allow the buyer to save time and money. It’s a “best of both worlds” type situation for those who still want to make decisions on finishing touches, but don’t want to be as overwhelmed with the endless decisions that come from starting from scratch.

semi custom home build

– Much faster build time due to pre made floor plans.
– Lower budget.
– Much less communication and decisions to be made by the buyer.
– Gives the option for custom features and designs to give the home your personal spice!
– Comes with a list of special features you can say “yes” or “no” to.

– More limited on options while building, such as floor plan, finishes and building material
– Not as much control over the entire building process
– Still a longer build time.

Spec homes

Often referred to as a move in ready home, spec homes are projects that are build by a builder with no buyer in mind. Due to this the builder bases the build off of a standard plan. Home builds provide these homes because not all homebuyers are able to wait 5-6 months for a new home to be completed. For someone that does not have time, money, or desire to be apart of the building process, spec homes are a homerun. Out of all the previous styles of homes mentioned, spec homes are by far the simplest process for the buyer.Spec Home Build

– Costs are much lower than any other style.
– Reduced risk of potential cost and maintenance.
– High inventory and reduced wait to move in, less competition.
– Less unnecessary cost for the buyer.
– No building decisions to be made.
– Saves time.

– Comes with fewer features and uniqueness than any other style of home.
– Almost zero opportunity for decisions on finishes (paint color, lighting appliances, fittings, etc.)
– Will likely not be the exact home or have the exact features you want.
– Price may include features the buyer does not want or need.
– Comes with lower end appliances


In conclusion

One can’t really say which style of home is the overall best. Each style of home has the pros and cons, depending on your situation, wants and needs will let you know which style fits you the best. Someone who is more creative or likes to be a part of the process will love a custom home, but feel trapped by a cookie cutter. However, someone looking for a home to purchase to put their family in might find that a cookie cutter type home plan fits their time line and budget much more closely. If you are having a hard time deciding what style of home would fit you best give us a call at Courlas Realty. Our expert realtors will be able to listen to what you want, and expect out of your home and be able to point you confidently in the right direction!

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