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First Time Home Buyers Get Keys to their Choice Homes in Colorado Springs

An effective path for first time home buyers happens to be pretty much scientific.  Signing for your best selection of homes in Colorado Springs takes a bit of forethought.  Be detailed and thorough.  Careful planning becomes the real key to home ownership.

What Do You Want in Your Home

When shopping for a home, first time home buyers often fail to imagine the spaces and functions that they need.  So, these novices may be attracted to a home because they like the façade or the style.  But, sometimes too late, buyers find out the property lacks adequate storage space or counter space or even bedrooms.  Maybe the dog or the children really need more space in the yard.

How can these neophyte homebuyers pocket the keys to the homes they really want?  Calculate.  Not only do first-time homebuyers need to calculate financial aspects, they do well to put on paper the sizes required for each room and activity, along with the land.  Do you want a bathtub or shower – or both?  Do you need more than one bathroom?  Great room or a private kitchen?  Ranch style or two story?

Where do you want to be?  Do you want privacy with views of the mountains, or would you rather be close to town and able to ride your bicycle?  Would you like to be near parks, swimming pools, or other facilities?  Do you want to be in a specific school district?  Do you a garage or would a carport do?

What Can You Live Without?

During this exercise of figuring out what you want in a home, it is imperative to also delineate features that you can live without.  What you want and what you need may differ.  Do you have skills to work on a fixer-upper?  Or would you opt for a smaller home with everything set.  This list will help you with pros and cons of any given property.  Gather them while saving up the money for a down payment.

What Home Can You Afford?

Although there are first-time homebuyers who can afford larger, newer homes, most are on a tighter budget.  Unless you are paying cash, the bank will have a say so in how much money you can borrow.  And, even if you can borrow more money, do you want to?  Many people are more comfortable having extra cash for traveling, hobbies, and other lifestyle options.  They do not want to be house poor.

So, determine what kind of monthly payments you are comfortable with and work back from there to determine your price range.  Remember to factor in the other costs associated with buying a home.  These include relocation expenses, closing costs, and home renovations.  And then there are monthly expenses such as heating and cooling, yard maintenance, HOA fees, etc. Contact a lender when you are ready to be preapproved and look for homes.

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