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Need Cash for Closing on Your Home? 50% Buyers Agent Rebates

Buying a home can often stress the budget. How would you like to walk away with enough cash for closing costs? Courlas Realty offers substantial Buyers Agent Rebates of 50%.  You read that right.  Our real estate business offers buyers half of our commission.  It comes in the form of a rebate.  We want you, the home buyer to have a positive experience.  Every transaction by Courlas Realty is designed to help our clients and provide unsurpassed service.

How the Rebate Program Works

Let’s talk about how our Buyers Agent Rebates work.  The rebate comes to you in the form of a credit totaling half of the commission that we receive from the seller.  Here is an example.  If we represent you as your buyer’s agent, this is what will happen when you buy a $250,000 home.  The seller will pay us, Courlas Realty, the standard 3% commission of $7,500. (Figure 0.03 x $250,000 = $7,500.)  Then, we turn around and give you a credit of $3,750.

How Can You Spend the Real Estate Agent Rebate?

Now what could you do with a few extra thousand dollars?  It is up to you.  The money could help you with those closing costs.  Perhaps the home needs an update or new appliances.  Many buyers decide to invest in furniture for their new homes, furniture that better fits the style, or additional pieces to supplement what they already own.  You decide.

How to Take Advantage of Buyers Agent Rebates

If you select Courlas Realty as your Colorado Springs real estate agent, we commit to providing you excellent service throughout the process.  We will search the market for properties that fit your criteria and find the top homes for your family.  We do this by searching the latest available listings in the Colorado Springs region. In addition, we have access to information that is not available online.

We follow the contract step-by-step to help you.  After locating the best properties, we will find out which ones are your favorites and show you these options.  You select a property to purchase and we negotiate for the best deal, protecting your interests.  Finally, we help the lender to ensure that the deal is structured to fit your loan.  We offer our professional services for half of what other companies will charge you.  No surprises.

Real Estate Agents – Colorado Springs, CO

For detailed information about our 50% Buyers Agent Rebate, contact Courlas Realty at (719) 470-0178.  Courlas Realty goes the extra mile to find the perfect Colorado Springs real estate for you and assure a generous Realtor rebate.  We specialize in excellent service.

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Published December 29, 2017.
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